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Local Energy Trading Systems - People trading goods and services using alternative currency. Non profit, community focused.    

What's LETS?

LETS (Local Energy Trading System) is a community based non-profit trading system that enables its members to exchange a wide variety of goods and services using little or no cash. It is a method of trading which depends on energy, skills and time instead of money, exchanging a unit of local currency, not as an alternative to conventional money but to complement the current system of trade.


CES Wins Contract with Australian Government

Australian LETS Systems



LETS Systems in New South Wales and the ACT

LETS Systems in South Australia

LETS Systems in Queensland

LETS Systems in Victoria

LETS Systems in Western Australia

LETS Systems in Tasmania

LETS Systems Australia wide


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Additional LETS Information


2015 National LETS conference in Queensland

2013 National LETS conference in Tasmania

2012 National LETS conference in Melbourne, see also here

2011 - LETS National Conference, 9 - 11 September 2011, in Lesmurdie, Perth, Western Australia

2010 - 17th Australian National LETS Conference 2010 - Queensland

2008 National LETS Conference Report

2007 National LETS Conference Report

2006 - Australian National LETS conference - November 2006 - Bairnsdale, Victoria

1995 - Fourth Annual Australian LETS Conference  Hervey Bay 19 August 1995






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